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08/12/16 - Who needs hampers anyway?

12/10/16 - Homespun Yarns Screening Party

The mixes are being finalised at Wave Studios and our excitement levels are building for the Homespun screening party this Thursday!

All films have been inspired from the incredibly beautiful Lyves track "Darkest Hour", and we've been lucky enough to work with Homespun, Stitch, Lyves and the team to music supervise the project.

It's been a privilege to work with such talented upcoming directors, producers, editors, sound designers and other amazing industry folk, makes us excited for the future of creativity to come!


23/09/16 - More love from David Reviews...

We're all about Beyoncé here at DAVID (let's be honest, who isn't?), and we're enjoying the rewrite of her song 'If I Were A Boy' in this ad from Smyths. 'If I Were A Toy' has clever lyrics that don't feel shoehorned in to fit lines, and the song never gets cheesy. This ad is all about celebrating the possibilities of kids' imaginations, soaring where it could have fallen into the trap of trying to play on parents' emotions.

In a sea of aggressively gendered toy marketing - as anyone who's entered the pink aisle of a toy shop will know - it's refreshing and important to see an ad where a young boy plays with a princess dress and the Millennium Falcon by turns. The animation is beautifully realised and the transitions between scenes feel organic. This song is going to be stuck in our heads all day, and we don't really mind.

23/09/16 - Wave Music & Leo Burnett win an Aerial Award

"The Flash ad, "Colouring book", is sung to Queen’s Flash Gordon theme. "Flash! A-aaah! Cleans up the impossible!" For Flash himself, it’s a bit of a demotion from being "saviour of the universe", but the idea is fun, brilliantly branded, and we are mercifully spared the "voice of God" at the end. Good stuff." Nick Hastings co-founder and creative director, Krow

The ad was written by by Matt Collier, Wayne Robinson and Charlie Martin @ Leo Burnett, with music produced and arranged by Nick Payne at Wave Music.

A second Flash ad from the same series was also shortlisted this month and features a wife stressing because she has to clean up a greasy mess hubby has made doing his fry-up. Next time, missus, get him to do it himself – but don’t tell him about Flash, so it’s really difficult!

See more at aerials.co.uk

13/09/16 - David Reviews gives 'The Prep Talk' 5 Stars.

José Mourinho has had better weeks. Defeat in the Manchester derby to Pep Guardiola, questions over his team selection.. you'd think the Special One would fancy laying low for a few days. Instead, he's rallying the troops from the rooftop in this rousing Heineken commercial directed by Guy Ritchie.

If this really is José Mourinho at full volume, then it's a terrific performance from the Portuguese. Storm clouds gather overhead and lightning strikes as he unleashes a team talk felt by all bloke-kind. Business meetings, snowstorms, flirting at the bar... none of it matters because "tonight is match night".

See more at davidreviews.com

01/09/16 - Galluping Back

I can’t pretend I’m anything other than forty-four years old, mainly because I very much look it. Despite all the facts pointing to the contrary I still believe I can probably run just as fast, eat six Weetabix and perhaps even breakdance if forced!

Where I do gain an advantage though is my memory and romantic nostalgia for the Gallup top 40 of old, and the lost art of cramming around my mum’s kitchen radio between 5 and 7pm on a Sunday evening to hear the week’s charts. Blank cassette on record-pause and poised to be released, illegally I have to add, should any of my favourites come on. (The art was to release the pause as tightly to the end of the DJ’s introduction as possible without clipping too much of the front, a very much lost and forgotten technique).

How I pity my children that they don’t have the same pleasures in life as I. Sat glued to their social media, sending the thirty sixth pouting snapchat selfie of the weekend.

But at the risk of sounding like a bitter old git I can prove this once and for all because I’ve invented a new game called “Name That Artist”. The rules are very simple and all you need is another mate who’s as dewy-eyed and sentimental as you.

Head over to www.officialcharts.com/archive/ and let the fun begin.

Pop a date into the box, hit go and buckle up for a trip down musical memory lane. The further you go back, the more you’ll be surprised at the mega classics you’ll remember, jousting for top of the charts. All you have to do is say the song titles from the top 40 and see how many artists you’re playing partner can correctly identify. Winner gets first go on the BMX.

Take February 1982 for example. Looking at artists in the top 40 reads like a who’s who of music legends. Michael Jackson, John Lennon, Queen, The Jam, The Stranglers, AC/DC, Cool and the Gang, Madness, The Four Tops, Earth Wind and Fire, Abba, Kraftwerk, Tight Fit… err, maybe not. Anyway, all in one month. In fact, most of these artists, (or at least the ones still alive), are still going strong and filling venues today. Can the same be said for the charts in 2011? Guaranteed if you say “versus” enough you might guess one perhaps.

Anyway, I have now officially turned into a grumpy old man. The irony is my Dad use to shout into the kitchen thirty-five years ago, “Turn that racket down, it all sounds the same to me!” How wrong he was!

by Warren Hamilton

01/8/16 - Data scientist has the World in ore over the “Metal” word in English language

Iain Barr, (should you ever wonder), is a data scientist who has spent the past God knows how many years working out through a series of complex mathematic programmes which words are the most “Metal” in the English language. (Don’t try to google him, you’ll just find a champion fly fisher who makes lures). That’s not very metal… apart from the hooks I suppose. Anyway, not sure why; he’s either bored, mad or both.

Using a database on Darklyrics.com, a website that contains the words from 222,623 metal songs, he cross-referenced his findings with an English language database called Brown Corpus, (sounds like a metal band but is not), and discovered the most commonly used word in the rich and diverse language of metal lyrics was “Burn”.

Quickly followed by Cries, Veins, Eternity, Breathe, Beast, Soul, Ashes, Demons. You get the picture. We’re still unsure what use this could be apart from helping wannabe Heavy Metal lyricists. Like a metal thesaurus though perhaps this is good enough. I’ll give it a go.

(Guitar thrashing E minor in common time. Heavy drumming and mega fast bass.)
“The Demon Beast will Burn for Eternity”
“Crying with Ashes, Particularly in it’s Veins”
See, it works.

What’s perhaps more useful to the aspiring artist are the words to avoid because Iain also revealed the least “Metal” words and they included “Employees, Chairman, Approximately, University, Committee, Particularly… oh, that’s my song buggered then. Anyway, having revealed what’s possible with a couple of programmes perhaps we can apply this thinking to other music genres. Here’s a quiz. Match the following three styles to the lists of words beneath.

A. Rap.
B. Country.
C. Dr. Demento Witchdoctor.

1. Blue Ridge, Texas, Travelling, Chapel, Tennessee, Jolene.
2. Ting, Tang, Oo, Ee, Walawala, Bang, Bing.
3. Ghetto, Gangster, Bitch, AK-47, Hood.

Answers on a postcard to the usual address. In the event of a tie we reserve….etc etc etc.

by Warren Hamilton

28/7/16 - Taurus Bullish over Page and Plant

Back in June at a Los Angeles civil court, Led Zeppelin and notably Page and Plant were cleared of plagiarism regarding the opening sequence to the Rock leviathan, “Stairway to Heaven”. A case brought on behalf of the band Spirit regarding (in their opinion), the bare faced nicking of the original chord sequence to a song called “Taurus”.

The court disagreed, Taurus were told it was bulls**t and Page and Plant were off the hook.

Thank goodness for that.

Imagine how upset and disillusioned we’d all have been to discover the great rock classic was a steal. Personally the disappointment would have rivalled the day I discovered there was no tooth fairy, or worse, when I found out my pet duck was actually eaten by the fox after being told for years Colin had instead grown extra long wings and flown away to the big pond in the local park……..it still hurts.

We’d also feel obliged to remake Wayne’s World and replace the “No Stairway” sign in the guitar shop with “No Taurus” when Mike Myers tests his new Fender. Doesn’t really work does it?

But hold on, the appeal is in today. Predictably. Spirit are acting a bit rum, It’s not over yet and it’s enough to make you want to throw a Stenotype machine out the courtroom window. The case continues and will most likely have to return to court next year. For those who haven’t heard the similarities they can find them easily enough through a web search, but here’s the thing. Anyone who’s ever had dealings with a musicologist will know what a dark art and exceedingly grey area this is. Fifty shades of it. Musicologists are there to advise but there’s always an enormous buffet of technicality thrown in with a side portion of extra arse covering. It’s very hard to prove anything but the most obvious, and in this case, it really isn’t that obvious. Trust me I’m a musicologist.

This is no Sam Smith / Tom Petty case for “Stay with me”, which was more or less note for note when you remove Sam Smith’s falsetto waverings. Smith did the decent thing though by settling out of court and attributing Petty as a writer but I suspect we’re not talking about the same sort of revenue here. In the case of Stairway to Heaven there’s a few more quid at stake. And a film credit. Music experts dissected the chord structure, (how very rock and roll), and came to the conclusion the medieval modal key changes and minor / major variances had in fact been around for hundreds of years and were more likely to have been pilfered from Monteverdi, Palestrina or John Dowland. Perhaps even Spirit had been listening to a bit too much Spiritus Sanctus. Who knows? Hey nonny no. Having thought about this I can see it now as Page says to Plant,

“Bob, I’m thinking for this new rock anthem I’ll kick it off with a bit of a mixolydian vibe”.

“Could do Jimbo, but I’m more feeling the dorian stylee”.


The rest is history. And talking of which, why did it take 40 years for this case to be raised? Perhaps Spirit hadn’t heard the song until this year?!!! Imagine 40 years of PRS payments for Stairway to Heaven? I recently got paid £20 pounds for a Tesco mobile advert I composed eight years ago which is still running on the Latvian internet. These things do happen. Trust me. There will be some money in 40 years of Stairway to Heaven royalties I reckon.

This will run and run for a while as the arse coverers rub their hands and clear their diaries for mid-2017 but for me, I’d like to think the opening from Stairway to Heaven came after an evening at midnight mass, a big night of alcohol consumption and the talent of a certain guitarist who just let his fingers wander in a downward chord progression. You can’t explain genius. You certainly can’t mimic it but worst of all is trying to claim it as your own. Amen.

by Warren Hamilton

24/6/16 - Shots x Wave Music Beach Party, Cannes Lions 2016

So, it's the morning after the night before and whether you drank copiously at the shots Beach Party last night or stayed sober as a judge, you probably danced to the music of Fred Fernandez from Wave Music on the beach in Cannes during the penultimate night of the Cannes Lions 2016 Advertising Festival.

Wave Music were the official music partner for 2016 Shots party and we, along with the other 1800 attendees had a blast. Check out the photos on facebook.

27/4/16 - 5 Stars from David Reviews!

This extraordinary film by Rogue's Tom Barbor-Might is one of a short collection he shot in North Philadelphia with the Fletcher Street Urban Riding Club.

Of all the ways in which one might expect an urban community to keep its young people away from the threat of gang violence, horse riding would probably sit somewhere between stamp collecting and morris dancing in a very long list of remote possibilities... read more

25/4/16 - ADCAN #Makegood

ADCAN Awards 2016 charity film competition is now open. We are proud to be working with them for another year to promote deserving causes and new industry talent. They launch with some great films and gifs celebrating their #makegood ethos. Jack Cunningham from Nexus has made animation about small beginnings, Fx Goby’s stop motion film features a surprising hatching whilst Austen Humphries has gone for WW2 submarine crisis. Check them out below or visit adcanawards.com to share them.

24/3/16 - Campaign Pick of the Week

15/3/16 - Thanks David Reviews...

Mark Denton's swiftly chucked together spoof of John Lewis's Christmas ad did wonders for Aldi when it got a massive thumbs up on social media - so it's little wonder McCann Manchester turned to him once again to help them realise a parody of one of advertising's greatest icons... the Cadbury gorilla. In keeping with the Yuletide film, this is a little rough around the edges. Whether it's by budgetary accident or by creative design, it suits the comic tone and gives it the feel of an internet meme... and we suspect it's one of the reasons this is likely to be trending on all known social media once it's shown on television. Aldi's willingness to back ideas like this is a great credit to them and makes it pretty baffling that they might be contemplating a change of agency. The details on exactly what they're reviewing are a bit sketchy but we would really have to question their wisdom if there's any possibility of moving responsibility for their advertising away from McCann Manchester - it would rank as one of the strangest decisions ever by a client.

13/2/16 - Cadbury reveals new Milk Tray Man is firefighter from Liverpool.

McBride will bring the iconic figure to the 21st century. He will also show a caring and sensitive side, as well as going to extreme lengths to deliver the box of chocolates to women much like the previous Milk Tray Men. McBride fought off competition from 20,000 people and takes over from James Coombes, the previous Milk Tray Man. The campaign kicked off in October last year with a soundtrack recorded by Wave Music which revamped the original iconic campaign theme with the help of arranger Ben Price and the Budapest Symphony Orchestra. Read more about the campaign on campaignlive.co.uk

26/11/15 - Aldi Telescope

"Another Film Company's Mark Denton has drawn just the right amount of fun from McCann Manchester's script and there's even time, in just 20" for a guest appearance from Jean, the advertiser's gin-toting icon. Plus the music is particularly well judged... invoking the original without the need to involve any of our learned friends." David Reviews.

Watch the hilarious new spot from McCann Manchester for Aldi with original music by Mike and Dan (Wave Music) and sound design by Parv (Wave Studios)

1/10/15 - Apres Session No.3: Izzy Bizu

Hot on the heels of her incredible performance on Later... with Jools Holland we are honoured to announce that the wonderful Izzy Bizu will be performing live at Wave Studios on the 19th October 2015.

To register your interest in attending, please email sarah@wavemusic.london

25/06/15 - Wave Music Official Music Partner of the Shots Awards 2015

Wave Music have been announced as the official music partner for this year’s Shots Awards. It’s the first time that Shots has partnered with us to host the after-party at the awards ceremony and curate music throughout the night. Wave Music has a reputation for leading the way when it comes to throwing parties and entertaining a crowd and we're really looking forward to being part of this prestigious event.

This year’s Shots Awards take place in the spectacularly glamorous surrounds of The Brewery, London, on 5th November. A musical theme is being meticulously planned for the evening’s celebrations and will be revealed in due course, so stay tuned!

15/06/15 - The Lobster Scoops the Jury Prize at Cannes International Film Festival 2015.


Yorgos Lanthimos' The Lobster wins coveted Jury Prize at the 2015 Cannes Film Festival.
We feel so privileged to have been involved, and so proud to have such a talented team that we'd like to (just once) pull out our trumpets and shout their names to the rooftops, so you can sit through the credits and shout 'I know them!' at the cinema:

Johnnie Burn - Supervising Sound Designer
Nick Payne - Music Supervisor (Wave Music)
Simon Caroll - Sound Effects Editor
Randall McDonald - Sound Editor
Joe Mount - Sound Editor
Ashley Smith - Sound Mix Technician

30/03/15 - Apres Session No.2: Grandmaster Flash!


We think our eyes are clouded over and our ears are still ringing, though we could just be walking around in a dreamlike state because we can’t quite believe that Grandmaster Flash, a pioneer of hiphop and the first DJ to use the turntable as an instrument, played us the ultimate set here in the offices of Wave for the second in the series of Wave Musics Après Sessions!

We removed the furniture from Wave to make room for humans/dancers, pulled out the graffiti mural (expertly designed by 1771), red cups, kangol, lino, pizzas from the incredible Pizza Pilgrims, and lined that with plenty of urban courage. Suddenly our reception area was transformed into a glamorous hub of old school 90’s hip hop heaven.

Our warm up DJ Billy Mann got the crowd pumped and ready for the hugely anticipated headliner, and once Flash got to the decks we’re surprised the ceiling didn’t fall through with the amount of dancing and jumping happening. Everyone in the room was captivated by the music, tune after tune, hit after hit… a mixture of classic and current tracks with the added Flash charm; a truly flawless set.

Needless to say, the night was a roaring success, and we’re so excited to see who Wave Music pull upon for the next one. We wait in anticipation…

Thank you, Wave Music, for a fantastic night!

27/02/15 - SOAK, The First Apres Session


Wave Music's first ever Après-Sessions was a huge success, thank you to everyone that came! We were so lucky to have the incredible SOAK perform such an intimate gig with an attentive crowd. Three ingredients for a successful evening... Good music, Pizza & Beer!

In November 2014 she was revealed as one of acts on the BBC Sound of 2015 long list. On 20 January 2015 she released her debut single "Sea Creatures" and has been described as 'a vivid portrait of teenage deep-thinking' by The Guardian.